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Decisions Decisions! (and first minor rant)

Ok so this is my first weekend getting to experience Wildstar through the Beta. I am pretty much decided on Esper as my class of choice and I prefer Dominion to the Exiles as a faction however.. that only leaves me two races that are able to play a Dominion Esper. Those are Cassian and Chua. This has been a hard fact for me to swallow because the last thing I want to do in a Sci-Fi game full of cool races is to play the one that looks like the boring human.

My only other option is the hamster looking race which is cool, they are small which I like, and their movements are pretty neat, but they are all males. Don’t get me wrong, I would play a hamster female in a heartbeat! But alas.. that is not an option

Above are some shots of my Beta toons, who of course, have my typical characters trademark white hair and red eyes :p

I really don’t want to play the Exile faction. I do have a feeling they are going to be the dominant faction choice and I can almost guarantee that half of it is going to be Aurins.

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