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Rise of the Horde


Rise of the Horde ~ by Christie Golden

As an on and off WoW player since release, I recently decided to delve a bit deeper into the lore aspect of Warcraft by reading some of the fantasy books created on the subject. I already own several of these books, having had this idea for years but never really making the time to fit them in. Well, I finally did and I found the experience to be quite an enlightening one.

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New Female Tauren Character Model ~ Artcraft Link

 The new model looks well over 9000 times better than the old one, but aside from the fact that it has boobs I am having a pretty difficult time finding any other feminine characteristics. We are talking masculine to the point that when I first saw these images (from another post made here on Tumblr), I thought perhaps it was someone photoshopping a male head on the new female body as a troll and I had to go to the WoW website immediately to verify that it was in fact, a reality.


I made a video log to discuss how I felt about the phrase “Aion is dying.” Personally, I don’t think dying is a good word to use because it sounds too extreme, but I can understand why such a phrase would rise up.

There’s a lot of things to consider, but I think the most important thing is to look at the community. If the community is driving itself forward, then it drive the game forward. Without a community encouraging its own growth, it stagnates.

Well said Cru ~ I have always felt strongly that in the end, it is the community that will make or break any MMO. I do think it is time to at least bring the game down to 2 servers though. There are 4 atm and it seems that only 1 is what most people would call healthy (Siel). The other servers just don’t seem to have the population to support the content the way it is designed to be played.

My feelings on Aion are that it’s a beautiful and fun game, but it is almost 100% player driven and it really needs a community that recognizes its own impact on that and has a large enough player base that it isn’t so easily poisoned by cliques and negativity from just a few people.

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