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Just a few transmog sets I like for my Priest. I’m getting soo excited for the new character models to hit ~ the Forsaken look ^&#@*! amazing so far.

As I build up my ingame wardrobe though, I can’t help but wish there were a few more options we had to work with. I would love access to some gentler head pieces (Lorna Crowleys red rose, for example).

The other thing, I have wished for pretty much since the start of the game, and that is for some softer shoulder options. I mean, I love Blizzards style, but only getting to choose between huge ornamented shoulderpad A, B, and C, gets a little lame. Is it too much to ask for just one or two armband type item looks for that slot?!

After leveling my Worgen through their starter area in Gilneas, I decided I just really needed MORE of that, so I made a new undead toon to take through the first few zones for the Forsaken questline. I absolutely love the characters and the lore involved. so I’ve been having a blast for the past few days.

forever a Forsaken/Worgen fangirl ~

Alliance Chopper is Riding into Azeroth!

Most people who paid attention to the contest or bothered to watch any of the shows pretty much knew this already. They emphasized and used the words FREE chopper for the winning faction a lot.

It was kinda sad (albeit amusing!) to see soo many people throwing a fit about this issue, so hopefully spelling it out like this gives the QQ a final rest. Blizzard definitely took a ton of heat from this!

I’m a pretty big fan of the Horde Chopper myself, but I think the transfer of this awesome creation into pixels was also very well done. I’m stoked to see them both in action!

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